The Creative Continuum


2020 Kindle Edition

The Creative Continuum: Helping the Artistically Gifted Child‘ presents the curriculum of an art and music school. The book discusses new ideas for a creative, holistic, brainsmart and systemliterate art and music education of children.

The curriculum is tailored to the way the human brain is structured as a passive learning matrix and based on the memorization of entire patterns instead of single elements of knowledge—as neuroscience tells us is the natural way our human brain learns and memorizes.

The curriculum emphasizes the natural integrity and wholeness of the child, who is by nature a systems thinker, and postulates that talented children need to be raised in a multivectorial learning environment that fosters systemic thinking capabilities, so that children become systemliterate at a young age and begin to think with their whole brain, with both brain hemispheres working in sync.

The program also emphasizes the need for teaching emotional awareness to teachers and presents techniques to be applied in the vocational training that teach how to avoid projections, foster truthful dialogue, and properly engage the trustbuilding process both between teachers and students and between parents and teachers.