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This project was conceptualized by the author back in the 1980s after a thorough study of innovative and permissive educational projects over the course of time (such as Summerhill, Montessori, Freinet, etc.), and ten years of work as an early child care worker and pre-school educator.

The project was originally entitled ‘The Child Community.’

The text was written integrally for the first time in 2014 and then revised and updated several times.

For the understanding of the quite original book it is important to know that the text was written by the author in a meditative mood, which is why the chapters are loosely grouped around a main theme but contain many important additional notes and anecdotal tangents.

The author has decided to leave the script in that original ‘right-brain’ version, while the temptation was great to re-arrange everything under an analytic ‘left-brain’ perspective in order to systematize the content under neat little headers.

This is not the only reason that the book cannot reasonably be taken at this point as a guide book for running a school on a day-to-day basis; in fact, the curriculum based on the ideas contained in this book still needs to be elaborated.

This would be the second and final step before the project can actually be implemented and run commercially.


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