Creative-C Learning

Systemliteracy is the true understanding of nature. It is not a modern invention, but a perennial concept. Ancient wisdom traditions have had it as their basic conceptual paradigm of understanding the cosmos.

—Dr. Peter Fritz Walter

Peter Fritz Walter, Creative-C Learning
The Innovative Kindergarten
Published by Sirius-C Media Galaxy / Createspace, 2014




‘Creative-C Learning’ presents a pre-school curriculum for a sane, holistic, brainsmart and systemliterate education of small children. The author's educational approach is tailored to how our brain works and develops from ages 2 to 6. It’s a functional approach, not an idealistic one, based on the actual constitution of the human being, with all the complexity inherent in it.  

The author contends that children are born sane and are rendered more or less insane by an educational system that till now considers the human being as the impossible human, that is, a creature that is basically faulty and has to be improved and upgraded by education, and morality. The present view opposes this age-old educational paradigm and shows that traditional education brings about fragmentation, ignorance and widespread violence.

The present curriculum emphasizes the natural integrity and wholeness of the small child, who is by nature a systems thinker. The curriculum builds upon this fact and presents a way to raise pre-schoolers in a learning environment that fosters systemic thinking capabilities, so that children become systemliterate at a young age.

The author also emphasizes the need for teaching emotional awareness to teachers and presents techniques to be applied in the vocational training for early child care workers and pre-school teachers that teach how to cope with stress, and that show the details of the trustbuilding process both between teachers and students and between parents and teachers.

The audience for this guide are all those involved in educating children, as well as educational policy makers, also parents, educational associations, politicians, pediatricians and child psychologists, and also the lay public, especially those who are looking for a new way to educate children now and in the future.

Creative-C Learning Center

Creative-C Learning Center realizes an alternative and brainsmart kindergarten curriculum. This is not a replacement for traditional schools, public or private, but an add-on to schooling. Ideally, children come for fun and learning activities in the afternoon for two hours, three times a week, or every day. 

The following activities are projected to take place:

  • Language learning through spontaneous art
    All dialogues are led exclusively in the foreign language
  • Basics of the Mac OS and iOS operating systems
    All learning of handling computers and iPad is intuitive
  • Strengthening of children's intuitive systems view
    This is our proprietary teaching of systemliteracy
  • Photography and Video Shooting and Production
    Small children can handle even heavy equipment
  • Table Tennis for Liberating the Body
    Table tennis is about the most body-friendly sport. It does not stress the joints as much as the 'hard' sports such as football or tennis. Yet it fosters flexibility, and high speed, muscle coordination and a high overall motor development.